Chris Christie Terminates Disabled Housing. Instead Gives Corporations $6 Billion Tax Cut.

Chris Christie Terminates Disabled Housing. Instead Gives Corporations $6 Billion Tax Cut.

If there was ever any doubt as to where the loyalties of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie lie, the Republican candidate for President displayed his true colors recently when he ended a program that provides housing for the disabled.

More than 3,000 New Jersey residents who are disabled, terminally ill or unemployed will be affected by the loss of this essential social program, and they will in all likely become a part of the state’s growing homeless population. At the same time, Christie’s track record favors the already wealthy corporate elite, with the Governor having approved more than $6 billion in tax cuts for the wealthiest businesses operating in his state since 2010. But apparently he doesn’t think disabled residents of his state even deserve housing…

An increasing number of individuals are speaking out against Christie’s heartless decision to terminate the housing program for the disabled, only months prior to the holidays – and winter. The executive director of Legal Services of New Jersey stated that Christie’s actions are an attack on the most vulnerable people in the state, those who have the least resources available to protect themselves and who are often unable to earn an income because of their health restrictions, age or disability. This puts them in a downwards spiral, like being inside of a toilet flushed at the hands of Governor Chris Christy to wash the weak and impoverished out of his territory.

The Governor has been acutely criticized for terminating the current rental assistance program without having any back-up to replace it. To date, Christie has not responded to his any of these criticizms, but has defended corporate tax cuts as a way to “ensure jobs in the state”… Utter MALARKY, I say.

Many political analysts contend that these Scrooge-like actions, right before the holiday season, are more than likely to eliminate any hope Christy had of being taken seriously for a U.S. Presidential candidate.

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