People Are Waking Up With Black Hairy Tongues

People Are Waking Up With Black Hairy Tongues

There are many strange conditions out there but one that seems to be popping up more and more tops the cake. People are waking up with what looks like a black tongue growing hair. Yes, that’s right a hairy black tongue. When you first see it, it might seem like it’s straight out of a made-up story but this is actually something very real that can happen to anyone.

A case of this has recently gone viral on social media. A woman who was taking antibiotics started forming what looked like a black hairy tongue. She noted that it also left a terrible taste in her mouth. The 55-year-old made an appointment with her doctor as quickly as she could. The doctor saw her and ruled out the condition as a side effect of the medicine he prescribed.

After doing some research, it was discovered she actually was suffering from something called Lingua Villosa Nigra. The condition is described exactly what this woman said, it looks like you have many tiny black hairs growing on your tongue. But what’s happening is quite simple. Tiny papillae can sometimes grow a little and then food particles get trapped. When they get trapped they rot and decay and turn black. These stuck decaying food particles make it look like the tongue is growing hair.

The most commons sign of this condition is the tongue turning black. But it can also turn brown, yellow, or even white. Patients often complain of a sour or odd bitter taste in their mouth. The obvious symptom is abnormally bad breath. Some people’s papillae grow so much it can hit the back of their throat causing them to feel like they are being tickled.

While this may seem like you’re living in a horror film, the upside is that it generally does not last very long. Most research indicates it should go away in a few days. As always if you’re worried, you can always visit your doctor.

The best thing to do is just make sure you practice adequate oral hygiene, as this usually helps prevent “black tongue” from occurring 100% of the time.

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