Racist Florida Woman Goes Berserk on Neighbors — ‘You should have stayed in Africa!’

Tallahassee, Florida has made viral news by a video of a bikini clad woman who was filmed maybe racist insults to a group of African-American teens. She made perverse comments about Martin Luther King Jr and told the teens, they should go back to Africa.

The recording took place in March when the drunken staggering woman was spotted in a parking lot, smoking a cigarette and shouting. She referred to teens as being “black bitches” and living in HUD housing.

This woman was taped as she was telling the youth that they should have remained in Africa and to go back on a free trip, taking their Jefferson and Washington last names with them. The teenager who was doing the filming tried to inform the woman that she was being recorded.

She told the woman that she didn’t want to say anything else. This apparently did not stop her from spouting off. It actually appeared to provoke her more as she stumbled about and came forward with her cigarette toward the videographers face.

The woman claimed that the whites were taking over the neighborhoods. She stated perverse sexual comments about revered civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. The child of this woman was clearly humiliated and started calling for help on her cell. She begged her mother to stop, while grabbing onto her.

She was heard saying, “Can you stop? Can you just stop, please?” One of the teens was stating how it was ridiculous to have your own child put a stop to such behavior. Before the ending of the video, the woman called the youths a derogatory name and that they were just wanting to be white and that they never will be.

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