VIDEO: She Wraps Yarn Around Her Fingers. After A Few Minutes I Decided To Try This!

When you think of knitting, you often picture knitting needles, but what if you could use your very own fingers to knit scarves, socks, or even a sweater?

A video recently emerged showing a woman from Fiber Flux giving a step-by-step tutorial on finger knitting. To start, all you will need is a ball of yarn, a pair of scissors, and your fingers.

To begin knitting, pull some yarn out of the yarn ball, and weave a strand in and out of each of your fingers creating a zig zag pattern. Once you get to your pinky, loop the yarn around it and weave the yarn back through your fingers in the opposite direction. Repeat this process one more time, so that when you are finished, you have a total of two loops on each finger.

Next, take the bottom loop on your pointer finger and lift it over and off of it. Repeat this with the rest of your fingers and push the yarn to the bottom of your hand. You should have one loop on each finger.

Now, pull the tail of the yarn and continue weaving it through your fingers just as you did before and lift each loop up and off of your fingers. Keep repeating these steps until your project has reached the appropriate length.

Once you have finished, you should have one loop on each finger again. Start with the loop on your index finger and move it over to your middle finger. Then, on your middle finger, bring the bottom loop up and off of your finger and take the remaining loop and move it to your ring finger. Repeat these steps all the way to your pinky finger.

Once you are left with one loop on your pinky finger, take it off of your finger and cut the string of yarn you had been feeding through your fingers. Then, put the yarn through the loop that came from your pinky finger to form a knot. Tighten the yarn at each end and add a knot if you would like.

You can use the yarn that is on the ends of the product to tie it together, or you can weave the leftover yarn into the finished product and cut off any excess. Now, in no time with a short list of supplies, you have become a finger knitting pro.

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