VIDEO: She Pushes 1-Year-Old In The Pool, But What Occurred Next Is Not What I Expected

Many people would consider pushing a one year old child into a swimming pool child abuse without a question. However, in this case, all it did was showcase the incredible talent of the one year old girl.

This woman was just at the swimming pool with a one year old girl, and they were standing on the edge close to the deep end of the pool. First, the woman pushed the little girl into the pool, and she disappeared under the water for a couple of seconds.

However, amazingly, she resurfaced and swam right back to the edge of the pool. She then pulled herself out of the pool, which is absolutely remarkable considering her age. After this, the little girl jumped into the pool herself a few more times, each time being under the water for a little while and then swimming the short distance back to the edge of the pool. Watching this little girl, you would think that she is a few years older than she is. When you think of a one year old, you think of a child who has barely just learn to walk, and this one can amazingly swim.

It is truly extraordinary what this child can do. It is possible that this is just the beginning of a long, impressive career in swimming, and we may very well see this little girl in the Olympics in the next couple of decades. We may just be seeing the beginning of her athletic career.

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