VIDEO: Pastor Dedicates Life To Build Tiny Homes For Homeless People. Then He Does THIS. Amazing!

Homelessness is a common problem worldwide. When many people think about homelessness, they think about the people in developing countries who are suffering. However, homeless is a problem in developed countries also. In fact, it is estimated that there are 3.5 million homeless people in the United States.

Many people turn to organizations when they are in need of financial help. However, these organizations often do not have enough funds to help everyone in need. One pastor in Tennessee decided that he was going to do what he could to end the homeless problem.

The pastor’s name is Jeff Carr. He has made it a goal to provide housing for as many people in Nashville as possible. It is estimated that there are 2,300 people in Nashville. He is planning to construct micro homes. The homes will be 60 square feet and will cost around $7,500 each. Every house will have a heating and cooling system, refrigerator and microwave.

Jeff Carr has started a GoFundMe page to get the funds to construct the houses. He has vowed that he will live in one of the houses until he has the funds to build more. Jeff says that he wants to help end homelessness in the area by providing people with more affordable housing options.

There are currently six microhouses. Jeff says that his goal is to have at least 25 of those houses in Nashville.

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