VIDEO: His Dog Is Throwing A Temper Tantrum. When I Found Out Why I Died Laughing!

Dogs have more in common with human beings than you might think. Canines, just like people, are susceptible to occasional bouts of the green-eyed monster. Although Dinky is a large, strong and graceful Great Dane, he’s vulnerable to feelings of jealousy just like anybody else.

When his beloved human was giving another dog attention by petting him gently, Dinky seemed completely unable to handle it. He kept barking and barking as a way of expressing his dissatisfaction. His owner responded by telling him to get back up on the couch. He then said “I can give Ro-Ro lovies too.” Dinky apparently isn’t accustomed to anyone else getting the “lovies” in the house.

Dinky finally settled on the couch, but that wasn’t the end of his crabby behavior. As his owner continued giving Ro-Ro that coveted love, Dinky continually reacted by growling. At one point, Dinky even moved toward his owner and began sniffing him — perhaps in a desperate attempt to win back his attention. His owner once again told him to get back up on the couch. Dinky obeyed his owner and returned to the sofa yet again. For a while, he seemed so distraught by the lack of attention that he even temporarily ignored his owner.

While this was all happening, Dinky and Ro-Ro’s female owner was laughing softly in the background. Perhaps this isn’t at all unusual behavior in their household. One thing is certain, though, and that’s both of these big dogs are definitely loved by the humans in their lives.

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