VIDEO: Allen West Tells Fox That Racism Only Exists Today Because President Obama Wants To Do THIS

Allen West had an appearance on Fox News Sunday night where he claimed that Obama is personally responsible for bringing racism back to life. He exclaims that racism in America was dead until President Obama used it as a tool to separate and create division between Americans.

The precursor to this controversial statement was when Charles Payne, a Fox News host who complained about the lower unemployment rates in the past, asked if Obama was causing racial tension. Allen West immediately lost his cool and went on an offensive tirade calling Obama a socialist, collectivist and a person who uses racism as a control mechanism. What West was alluding to in his remarks was the age-old saying “divide and conquer.”

He believes that Obama is using racial tension to cause a separation between blacks and other ethnic groups within America. West believes Obama is taking this approach in order to keep the public eye off his current mishaps with the Ferguson, Missouri incident and many other racially charged situations that have turned deadly in America recently.

West also went on to say Obama is teaming up with social justice spokesman Al Sharpton in order to cause the black community to riot even more. Sharpton was brought in to counsel Obama on how to react to the recent Sony emails that were leaked containing racial remarks towards the president and many black entertainers. West believes Obama should be using his power to create educational programs in inner-cities instead of attacking corporations.

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