VIDEO: A Stranger Goes To Hug This Soldier. His Response? I Have Goosebumps

Gino Greganti returned home from the war with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It’s not unusual. In fact, one-third of soldiers that return home from war are diagnosed with it. Some of them even have failing marriages due to their inability to cope.

One day, Gino was approached by a woman who said that she didn’t normally do this, but she wanted to know if she could give him a hug because he looked like he needed one. He accepted. The hug sparked a huge emotional wave through him that started a movement aiming to teach soldiers returning from war how to love again.

The movement simply referred to as “Hug a Vet” sends people across the country to veterans who are struggling with getting by. They offer free hugs to those veterans, showing them that love exists outside the arms of their loved ones. They bring signs saying “Hug a Vet” and “Free Hugs” which people can sign and show their love and support to the people that fought to keep them safe and struggled in the process.

Gino started a website called for people to visit and donate to the cause of helping the veterans out there that need it so badly.

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