VIDEO: A squirrel grabbed my Camera But It Never Stopped Filming. LOL

In this hilarious video, a GoPro camera is setup on the ground in hopes of capturing a moment with a squirrel. It turns out they got a bit more than they had expected!

The clip starts out with the GoPro lying on the ground with the camera on, and a squirrel approaches hesitantly, as if it’s scoping out the situation. When the squirrel reaches the object, it reaches its paws out and grabs the camera shaking it about. Then the squirrel does a completely bizarre thing. He picks up the camera and takes off with it towards a nearby tree.

As the camera shot wavers back and forth the viewer gets a firsthand experience through the eyes of the squirrel. First it darts up a tree and runs up a few branches. When it gets to a safe spot it turns around and plays with the camera as if it is processing a walnut. When it turns we can see a man to the side of the tree observing the interaction, who is most likely the owner of the camera.

The squirrel plays with it for a few seconds and the camera darts back and forth, just before being tossed to the ground like an abandoned walnut. This video shows a totally unique point of view angle of a squirrel and what it would be like to be a nut the squirrel is trying to eat!

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