VIDEO: A Clearly Drunk Sarah Palin Makes An Incomprehensible Response To Warren

In this video, a chattering Sarah Palin attempts to make some kind of response to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. Warren is calling for support of the rights of labor unions regarding fast food workers. Palin, in some sort of out-take, then strikes out on several conversational tangents, interrupting herself in mid-thought several times.

What can we make out? There’s something about “of the devil” and “send them to purgatory” along with the word “liberals” the way you’d address a sty full of hogs. However, there’s a charming side when you look at it this way: She’s channeling Elvira! Look at her gestures and the cadence of her speech – Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, has somehow possessed a far less gainfully endowed women.

From what we can piece together from this alien transmission, Palin is apparently surprised that liberals support striking fast food workers. Which is puzzling; fast food workers, when polled, overwhelmingly state their alignment as liberal. They certainly don’t have a stake in other parties, unless they’re the Walmart conservative crowd.

But anyway, somebody out there seems to think Palin is drunk. We think she’s a little too straight-laced for mere booze – but if Rush Limbaugh shared some of his happy pills from his stash with her, we wouldn’t be surprised.

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