Trump’s America: Black Waitress Recieves The Worst “Tip” Possible

A waitress at Antia’s Restaurant recently got an unpleasant surprise. She was expecting to receive a nice tip for a $30 meal, but she got a rude message instead. It stated “Great Service. Don’t Tip Black People.” The waitress, whose name is Kelly, stated that she was hurt by the message. However, she is not letting it get her down.

Kelly even stated that she would proudly serve the customer again. She said that serving the customer will show him that he did not get the best of her. The community heard about Kelly’s experience and have helped her. They have raised $300 via YouCaring. Even though the racist person who left her the rude message wanted to aim low, Kelly wanted to aim high.

The message also shows how the current tip system allows hard-working people in America to be taken advantage of. Many people are not only leaving rude messages to waitresses, but they also refuse to tip.

Trump’s America: Black Waitress Recieves The Worst “Tip” Possible
Kelly also stated that the rude message that the customer gave her only made her stronger. She stated that the man ultimately ended up hurting himself with the hateful remark. Additionally, she stated that she was not going to let a hateful comment stop her from doing her job.

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