They Started Vacuuming This Parrots Head. How He Reacted? I Can’t Stop Laughing

If you have pets, it is very likely that they are afraid of the vacuum cleaner. This is the case with most dogs, as well as most birds. However, in the case of this macaw, the vacuum cleaner is actually a welcome friend.

A lot of people see pet birds is just annoying, squawking nuisances. However, the truth is that they are more than that. They can be very friendly, and they actually have their own personalities as well. If you have a parrot or macaw, you will see that each individual bird has its own personality, as well as its own quirks. Some of them actually like to take showers.

In this video, this macaw is really enjoying the feel of the vacuum on his head. A lot of animals would hate this and not even want the vacuum anywhere close to them, but this macaw actually really loves the feeling of suction. It is very clear how much he is enjoying himself throughout the video, as his owners are turning the vacuum on close to his head so that he can enjoy that sensation of suction.

This is just one example of how entertaining and wonderful a pet bird can be. The fact that this one likes the vacuum so much may seem very strange, but there are many other birds who have quirks even more extreme than this. If you are considering getting a pet bird, you may be very close to having a new feathery friend.

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