They Spots A Poor Creature Laying On The Roadside – Watch As They Try To Approach Him…

In 2014, a black bear got its head stuck inside a bucket in a small city in Pennsylvania. The photo of the bear with its head inside the bucket was truly distressing, considering that it had been trapped for almost two months. Dean and Samantha, two Pennsylvania locals, acted quickly to help the animal.

Dean made a video of the rescue and talked about saving the bear on Youtube, saying that, “We decided to try and help the bear.” The Pennsylvania locals found a few others who were interested in helping the creature.

Prying the bucket off of the bear’s head was their first step towards freeing the animal. When that didn’t work, the group of people tried to use a small hand saw. Since a bear is a wild animal, putting themselves at risk was part of this endeavor.

The video begins with the bear crossing the field as a brave human makes a first attempt at pulling the bucket off of its head. When that doesn’t work, several others join in. After that fails, the tools come out.

One person holds the bear down while a few of the others try to saw the bucket off. The bucket is finally pried off the bear’s head. The people who save this creature never give up; the video is incredible to watch.

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