They Adopt Triplets. But What Happens When They Return To The Hospital? I’m Speechless!

Married couple, Andy and Sarah Justice, had been struggling to conceive for years. Beginning to lose hope, they started to research and look into other options for having children. One of the most commonly used of the options, IVF, would have cost them $30,000-$60,000. With that being slightly out of their price range, the Justices decided that the best option for them would be to adopt a child.

After being paired with a pregnant woman looking to find adoptive parents, Sarah decided to jump right in and accompany the birth mother at her ultrasound. What Sarah did not expect, though, was what type of news she would receive while there. The doctors not only confirmed the birth mother’s pregnancy, but they informed Sarah that she was pregnant with triplets! Sarah was ecstatic after receiving the news, and couldn’t wait until the little ones would arrive.

The triplets were born two months early and weighed a mere 3 pounds each. The babies – Joel, Hannah and Elizabeth – remained in the neonatal intensive care for a while.

A week after the birth of the triplets, Sarah began to experience some unusual symptoms. After going to see her doctor, Sarah found out that the triplets wouldn’t be the only children in her life! The doctor confirmed that Sarah was pregnant – with none other than twins!

Though the Justices never planned on having a large family in such a short amount of time, they couldn’t be happier! They consider their children to be the biggest blessings in their lives, and couldn’t picture it being any other way.

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