Teenager With Ovarian Cancer Steps To The Mic Nervously. What She Does? UNBELIEVABLE

Calysta Bevier is one very brave teenager. She has not graduated from high school yet, but has already been through some extremely tough times. Calysta has been suffering from ovarian cancer for the past year. and on top of that, the chemotherapy treatment has caused a lot of her hair to fall out.

However, Calysta has shown how strong and brave she really is with this video she posted. In the video, Calysta announces that her cancer is in remission, and sings a rendition of Rachel Platten’s song “Fight Song.” The passion and strength in her voice is palpable. The lyrics of the song state boldly, “This is my fight song. This is my take my life back song.”

The video was shot at the Thane Wooley Benefit event. Thane Wooley is another teenager who was diagnosed with cancer. Calysta stated that the reason she decided to sing at the event because she wants to inspire people and spread as much hope as possible.

The video of Calysta singing the “Fight Song” has become extremely popular. It has been viewed over 24,000 times on YouTube and has been shared over 1,100 times on Facebook. Many people (myself included) have stated that they find Calysta’s story very inspiring. Keep being awesome, girl! Fuck cancer.

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