She Takes Off Her Bra And Starts Cutting It Up. Then She Throws It Back On. What She Made? WHOA!

The typical bra is usually worn under the shirt with a back and straps with a front for support. But in a creative twist this girl has transformed her bras by cutting the backs off of them.

The end result is pretty cool, and definitely different. She created the backless bra for those who want to wear shirts that reveal more back without showing bra straps. This design works well with backless dresses also, and the process is very easy.

You need to use a bra that that you don’t wear very often. Cut one of the straps off of the back of the bra and cut the extra material that is at the bone of the cup. Do the same thing to the other side of the bra. Attach the straps that have been cut to the bottom of the cups.

Try on the bra so that it fits before sewing the straps in place permanently. Be advised, though, sudden movements while wearing a backless bra can be dangerous… unless you’re trying to show some boobage. But it is a good solution for those who want to wear shirts with a sexier design. I certainly encourage it.

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