She Lost Control Of Muscles And Couldn’t Walk Anymore All Because She Drank THIS Common Item

In the late month of October in 2001, Rhonda’s sister suddenly became very ill. She woke up one morning and was having uncontrollable muscle spasms and was struggling to walk. On a blog, Rhonda, explains that her sister has previously undergone a number of extensive tissue and muscle biopsies as a result.

The doctors were uncertain of what was causing the issue, leaving the family worried and in the dark for weeks before they finally figured out the problem. The doctors eventually concluded that Rhonda’s sister had a condition called Multiple Sclerosis. Upon receiving the news, Rhonda recalled an article she had read about aspartame and its health effects. She called her sister and asked her if diet soda was something she drank a lot of. Her sister told her that she did in fact drink diet soda a lot, it was her favorite drink, Rhonda told her sister to stop drinking it immediately!

When Rhonda’s sister stopped drinking diet soda, the muscle spasms went away and she could finally walk again. She had developed aspartame poisoning, a condition with many symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, and an increase in blood pressure. Rhonda has become a strong advocate against aspartame since her sister became ill

With a simple prescription drug, Rhonda’s sister was able to walk again and is on the mend. I think it is safe to say she’ll be staying away from any diet drinks that contain aspartame in them for the foreseeable future

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