She Gets Locked In The Trunk, But Once She’s Trapped Inside? I Had No Idea This Could Happen

Most people are frightened of being trapped in a small space. It would be miserable to be trapped inside without any wiggle room. Also, not being able to breathe after a long period of time is a very real possibility. However, some people have the gift of being able to escape from small places. This is exactly what one woman is able to do if she is ever locked inside of a car trunk.

Interestingly, the trick really isn’t anything complicated. The secret is to simply know that emergency release handles are located inside of the trunks of most cars. This is thanks to a law in the United States that mandated all cars manufactured after 2002 carry these emergency handles. The main purpose was to help children escape if they ever accidentally locked themselves inside while playing around a car unsupervised. However, these handles can help anyone who happens to be stuck inside of a car trunk.

In the video, the woman shows you what to do. If you are trapped inside, simply look and feel for the emergency release handle. These handles often glow in the dark to make locating them easier.

Climb inside your trunk with a trusted partner outside in case you can’t locate it. You should be able to quickly locate the handle and set yourself free. Hopefully, you will never need to use this knowledge. However, this information may very well save your life. Make sure you and your loved ones know all about it!

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