Seth Rogen Has Some Very Harsh Words For Ann Coulter’s Anti-Semetic Rant

Seth Rogen Has Some Very Harsh Words For Ann Coulter’s Anti-Semetic Rant

Politicians that are part of the GOP have a reputation for being extremely pro-Israel, a stance that tends to play well with the group’s large conservative Christian base. While many consider this to be pandering a bit, Ann Coulter took it a step further during the second Republican Presidential debate, on which she commented over Twitter.

After candidates Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and Marco Rubio all mentioned that their presidencies would include strong relationships with Israel, she complained about its frequent mention. She didn’t stop there, though. Instead, she went on to muse on Twitter about “how many f—ing Jews” the candidates thought were living in America.

This comment set off a firestorm of criticism, and her later defense that she was criticizing not Jews but Republican panderers did little to quell the rage. Of course, she has made a name for herself by being abrasive and insulting toward all sorts of people. Nonetheless, this profane mini-rant against the Jewish people really rankled.

One of the people who was not impressed was comedic actor Seth Rogen, who replied with some profanity of his own, tweeting that Coulter was a “horrible f—ing idiot.” Later, he sent another tweet asserting that anyone who believe white people are being persecuted is a stupid white person. His comments resonated with many people.

As the presidential race becomes more heated, Coulter will no doubt continue to spew uncouth comments. It’s good, though, that there are people like Rogen willing to challenge her on her prejudices.

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