Pregnant Mom Is Screaming At The Truck Stop. What A Homeless Man Does To Her? Unimaginable

In Oklahoma City, Mason was on the way home with her fiance when she went into labor four weeks early. In their panic, they pulled into a truck stop and called 911. She gave birth to their baby girl in the passenger’s seat of their Honda.

Unfortunately, things took a turn when they realized the baby wasn’t breathing. She started screaming for help when, seemingly out of nowhere, a homeless man named Gary Wilson stepped up and took control in a calm and collected manner. The umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. While he talked with the dispatcher on the phone, Gary unwrapped the umbilical cord, tied it off, and rubbed the baby’s back as she started breathing. His calm demeanor not only saved the baby’s life, but it helped keep Mason calm too.

The next day, after getting a meal and housing for the night, Gary was gone.

It didn’t stop people from calling him an angel, even by Mason. Another person, an employee at the truck stop, described his as Jesus Christ himself. She went so far as to compare his long beard and hair to the same Jesus had.

The medical experts that spoke about the incident said that everything he did was absolutely right.

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