Officer Sees Abandoned Child Screaming – Comforts Him, Holds Him in His Arms

An officer with the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department is receiving praise for his act of fatherly kindness toward a young toddler. A picture of the incident has even gone viral on the internet.

Officer James Hurst was called to a local hospital when someone reported that a 16-month-old boy had been brought in after being found wandering alone outside with no adults nearby. Hurst, who has two young sons of his own, was moved by the plight of the young toddler.

The child was understandably scared and started crying uncontrollably during the initial medical exam. Hurst immediately took the child into his arms and began to comfort him. Before long, the young boy was fast asleep on Hurst’s chest. A passerby noticed the tender scene and snapped a photo.

“I just knew that this child needed somebody to be there for him and comfort him throughout the care he was receiving. It was really my human instinct to comfort the child,” said Hurst. Although being hailed as a hero, Hurst says he is a little surprised by the outpouring of support and that any of his 600 fellow officers would have done the same thing.

The child was found to be in good condition, and the case was turned over to the Georgia Department of Family and Children’s Services for further investigation.

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