Obama Is Wrong, We’re Not Like The US, We Value Life. What Do You Think About This Claim?

At least one person in Australia wants President Obama to know that the residents of the country aren’t like Americans. He is a journalist who has made comments that Obama is wrong in his thinking and that Australians value life. The statements were made after the Oregon school shooting at a community college that left almost a dozen people dead and several others injured.

Soon after the shooting, Obama gave a speech where he appeared frustrated about gun laws and wanting Congress to take action in getting these laws regulated. His speech included comments about how gun laws in the country are different from others. Some countries have created laws that work and have done away with many of the mass shootings that are seen in the United States.

These countries are friends of the United States. Australia has one of the lowest gun deaths in the world while the United States has one of the highest. In 1996, Australia had a mass shooting, passed gun laws, and hasn’t seen a shooting like it since then.

One journalist has made statements that Australia is not like the United States because the country values life. Australia decided that it’s time to grow up and care about the people who make up the country. The United States should try to be a little more like Australia according to the journalist.

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