Mom Is Told She’s Having Twins… But Is Shocked When The Doctor Realizes THIS Huge Mistake…

Miranda and Josh Cosgrove were having trouble conceiving a child, so they turned to in vitro and were able to conceive a daughter. When they decided they wanted to have another child, they turned to in vitro once again. Again, the treatment was successful, and they were told that they were, in fact, having twins.

However, a few days later, the diagnosis was revised and they were told that they were actually having quadruplets! Miranda’s doctor was shocked. The doctor stated that he had never seen anything like it during his entire career, noting that Miranda’s pregnancy was high risk… She was at an increased risk for having a miscarriage or going into labor prematurely with so many children.

Fortunately, things went well. She delivered the babies at 34 weeks via C-section and the couple, Miranda and Josh, received yet another surprise: Miranda was shocked to find out that she had given birth to two sets of identical twins. The chances of this happening are so miniscule that it can almost be considered a miracle.

The doctors had implanted two embryos, each of which split. Embryos split in about one in 100 in vitro cases, the chance of two embryos splitting is only 1 in 10,000. Embryo splitting can occur in natural conception, but is rare. Miranda and Josh have identical twin boys and twin girls whose names are James, Mia, Madison and Jackson. They have returned home healthy and happy and are doing well with their suddenly large family.

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