Janitor Was Sick of Shoveling Snow, So He Came Up With The BEST, Idea And Pranked Everyone!

A minor maintenance inconvenience that can not be avoided, snow shoveling ranks as one of the most mind numbing chores throughout the winter. Most people grumble under their breath as sweat pours from beneath their layers of clothing. Even the popular snow blowers still immerse their operators in frigid conditions. Many miserable people lament the entire day over this mundane task.

One janitor set off to prove it is all mindset as he set off to put a little joy in his work at the expense of others. Without warning, an impromptu snow maze appeared for travelers to traverse. Somewhere in the world, a park or playground got a much needed infusion of confusion during one winter storm. Off the cusp of his imagination, the wily janitor started to bob and weave his paths through the snow. Straight lines became rectangles. Winding paths resembling a snake paved their way through the winter white.

To top it all off, circles made appearances much to the confusion of chagrined walkers. Captured on film and set to madcap music, the unknowing participants had reactions that ranged from the mild to the wild. Some walked almost the entirety of the winding way before realizing they had been had and forced to return from whence they came. Others caught on quickly and tried to ferret the situation from afar. A few brave souls decided to risk the dryness of their feet by bulldozing their own path through ways not yet shoveled. Everyone realized that something was afoot when the way required them to hop over a wooden bench.

At the end of the adventure, the janitor meets up with two of the bewildered travelers. One can imagine what transpired between them. As if to take a bow, the janitor with shovel in hand flops backward in the snow. One snow angel for his final moment in the snow. Heartfelt congratulations are to be had as he transformed the mundane into a day’s entertainment. We can all take a lesson that even the tasks that must be done can be better off with a lighter mindset.

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