Here Is What Samuel Has To Say About Republican Nominees And It’s Not For The Easily Offended

Here Is What Samuel Has To Say About Republican Nominees And It’s Not For The Easily Offended

Celebrities in the United States and many other countries have a long history of speaking out about political issues – whether they are qualified to do so or not. Celebrities have the power to bring attention to specific political issues because of their popular voices. Some celebrities try to tread lightly when making statements, so as not to alienate at least some people who hold opposing views. But alienating fans does not seem to be a problem the famous Samuel L. Jackson…

The current field of presidential candidates and the political climate seem to have brought Jackson to his wit’s end. Jackson has always been a proud Democrat. His childhood was spent in the South when segregation was still permitted and he has never been shy about expressing his views and backing them up. And recently he’s had a lot to say about the Republican Party and the state of the countr.

In an interview with the Hollywood Jackson squarely targeted the Republican presidential candidates and other Right Wing elected officials for encouraging hatred for Muslims in a blanket way. He notes that the venom usually reserved for terrorists overseas has started to be applied to innocent Muslim-Americans who were born in the country and are valuable members of our society. He mentions Donald Trump specifically as spreading a hateful attitude. Jackson also states that many of the other Republican candidates are spouting the same hateful rhetoric but just in a slightly more palatable way. He concludes that Muslim-Americans are becoming the new persecuted minority in the country just as blacks were.

Mr. Jackson also talks about how the terrible rhetoric from people like Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz is starting to embolden hate groups around the country. This can be seen by the growing number of white racist groups, white nationalist organizations and chapters of the Ku Klux Klan re-flourishing. Those groups are fueled by the hateful rhetoric political figures are spewing. This has led to a number of hate crimes in recent months targeting Muslim-Americans or anyone who even remotely looks non-Caucasian. Some of the violence was perpitrated based on the words of people like Donald Trump.

The interview moved on to the hatred the Republican candidates and the larger party seems to foster towards everyday working citizens. The support the Republican candidates consistently have comes from corporate interests and the wealthy. Jackson goes on to express his anger and frustration with the Congress currently under Republican control.

He points out that people like Senator Marco Rubio and many others have incredibly poor attendance records. He has intense anger at the fact the Congress has done nothing about important issues that affect everyone in the country. Jackson ends by expressing his belief that the Democratic Party can fix the problems facing the country – he is firmly behind Hillary Clinton for president, and believes that she can beat any Republican candidate and has the experience necessary to improve the country. Jackson also heaps praise on Senator Bernie Sanders for having a clear, meaningful message. His sentiments throughout the interview echo those of many members of the democratic party, who watches in disappointment and anxiety as fools like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz get closer to the republican nomination with every racist remark they dish out.

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