He Was Told His Accent Was ‘Not Intelligent And Offensive.’ His Response? EPIC

In a message, Chad Prather was told that his southern accent was offensive. Instead of taking it to heart and apologizing for the way he speaks, he showed that not only is he intelligent, but he holds his southern roots with pride.

He starts off his response in a video by stating that he might not be as capable of building sentences that make him sound intelligent, but his large vocabulary and quick wit show that he’s far more intelligent than his accent might lead some people to believe.

Then he continued his video rant by saying that the media wasn’t right in the message they were spreading about southern people. He says that people raised in the south weren’t close-minded and hateful. They were raised with the idea that they need to respect everyone, even folks that belittled them, and raise their children with the same ideology.

Prather also mentions that while they do some things that could be construed as offensive, such as polite the air with their race cars and hunt, their accent is by no means something that should be offensive to someone. It’s just a way of speech in one particular part of the world and he isn’t ashamed of his accent at all.

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