FBI On Alert After Trump Loving Madman Threatens President Obama On Video

Is it possible to take patriotism a little too far? According to some, it would seem that Jim Stachowiak, the self-proclaimed “Armed Infidel and Crusader Against the Beast’s Organized Religion of Government”, is testing the limits by taking his online rants more to the level of terrorism. Stachowiak reveals his disgust with the government, Obama, and certain groups of people by filming at-home videos and posting them online. While freedom of speech is one of our favorite benefits of living in the United States, some tend to think that Stachowiak takes things too far.

Who is Jim Stachowiak? A former police officer, Stachowiak is best known as an internet sensation who films himself carrying an assault rifle and making accusations against those in the government. While Stachowiak’s most recent video shows him speaking out against the president, this is not his first time drawing attention. Back in April of this year, Stachowiak planned a so-called “anti-Muslim” rally; although no one attended, his idea certainly got some heads turning. In June, Stachowiak switched from targeting Muslims to the African American community who he claimed were going to cause problems at the Republican National Convention. Rather than suggest peaceable ways to deal with the opposition, Stachowiak asked for “long wolf patriots” to kill the “n”-word African Americans.

While we might hope that the poor reception Stachowiak received would slow him down, the attention seemed to fuel his desire to make more videos. He went on to put out a video which threatened Black Lives Matter, the police department in Cleveland, and a blogger who wrote a story about Stachowiak.

This past Friday, October 14, Stachowiak went back to YouTube to upload a video protesting Obama and any type of gun control enforcement.

In his video, Stachowiak claims that he stands in favor of “armed, lethal, and deadly force” used during any type of nation gun confiscation in America. He also goes on to label Obama as a traitor to the country and claims that he has caused more national damage than the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. Stachowiak compared Obama to Adolf Hitler, and insists that we must not allow the government to take our guns. Stachowiak claims that he is the voice of the good citizens and patriots of America who have a deep belief in the Constitution.

While this most recent video only runs for approximately two and a half minutes, Stachowiak uses every second to speak out about his beliefs. Toward the end of the video, he calls out for others to join him and let the government know that they will not blindly be lead into tyranny. At one point, he urges for preparation for foreign troops to invade our country and try to take control and that, should this happen, Americans need to “mow them down, and to ambush them, and to take them out”.

When speaking about a possible take over by the United Nations, Stachowiak claims that any attempt of the UN to take over America will result in the blue helmets of their victims being places as trophies on the mantles of patriots. He also states that “gun confiscation will result in a second American revolution”.

At the closing of the video, Stachowiak made a final motion against Obama by burning a picture of the current president.

While some people stand in agreement with Stachowiak, others believe that he’s a dangerous terrorist, and point to his checkered past as proof that he is unsafe. According to research, Stachowiak has been in trouble before for stealing a man’s photo from a social media site and then using it to label him as a terrorist, in addition to losing his job as a public safety officer following an investigation for misconduct.

Is Stachowiak a dangerous rebel or simply a gun-loving American who is scared of big government and wants to take a stand? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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