Dad Takes Away Daughter’s Phone To Teach Lesson, Then The Police Are Knocking At His Door

In the current day and age, nearly every child has a smartphone – young boys and girls are texting at the ages of ten and under. While the technological advancements of today’s world are amazing, some adults feel that it’s harder to raise a child these days. Children that use these powerful devices are easily distracted, and it’s not hard to see why. Smartphones allow users to do so many things, but the incredible technology has truly become a hindrance for some parents.

A recent story involving a father from Texas and his child’s smartphone has gone viral. An ordinary father named Ronald Jackson was recently arrested for taking away his 12-year-old daughter’s phone. The father felt that his daughter was texting her friend inappropriately. However, Jackson’s ex-wife believed that her daughter’s messages weren’t all that inappropriate. Instead of having a normal conversation with her ex-husband, Ronald Jackson’s ex-wife decided to call the cops on him. Amazingly, he was arrested for theft.

The story shocked and amazed people across the world. However, Jackson seems to have been the victim of foul play. Ronald Jackson’s ex-wife is now married to a police officer, and she felt that her ex-husband had no right to take away her property. After all, it was Jackson’s ex-wife who bought the 12-year-old the phone in the first place. However, having the man arrested for theft is just ludacris.

Ronald Jackson was just trying to be a good father and spend some time with his daughter. He took her phone away to teach her some discipline, but that idea quickly backfired on him. It’s quite obvious that Jackson’s ex-wife’s current lover abused his power as a law enforcement officer. Luckily, the charges against Ronald Jackson have since been dropped, but the story is still causing rage among single fathers across the country. Taking away your daughter’s cell phone should never be considered theft. Instead, in most cases, it’s probably a good form of discipline.

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