Curious Teens Look Into A Stranger’s Car Only To Discover Abducted Girl

A group of teens paid close attention to a stranger’s car, and they discovered something shocking inside. One of the fears that many parents have is that their child will be taken away by someone else.

Most parents won’t experience this heartbreak, but for those who do, it’s like living a nightmare every day until the child is found. Police officers and volunteers often help in locating children and teens who are missing until they are brought home or until the missing person returns home on their own accord.

Jocelyn Rojas was 5 when she was snatched from her front yard while playing. A poster was made by police almost immediately, and people from across the county started to look for the little girl. Temar Boggs and his friends saw one of the posters and paid attention to the details of the little girl.

Thankfully, they were able to remember what she looked like when they saw her face in a passing vehicle as they were walking on the sidewalk. They made a phone call to police, and officers were able to find the little girl based on the description of the vehicle and the man driving the car. The family of the little girl is thankful to the young men who were paying attention to their surroundings.

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