Beck Claims He Has 10,000 Friends Willing To Die Fight Gay Rights

Glenn Beck Claims He Has Network Of 10,000 Pastors Willing To Die Opposing Gay Rights

Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck is at it again – insisting that the United States is going to face a demise because of the persecution of Christians. This, of course, doesn’t take into account that, according to a recent Washington Post report, Christianity is on the decline in the United States because fewer Americans are identifying with one religion in particular.

Recently Beck invited a conservative pundit named Jim Garlow to his show to talk about what a travesty it was to – among other things, say “Happy Holidays” and serve LGBTQ persons at businesses. Beck is completely supportive of Christian business owners treating LGBTQ persons with prejudice. Have we gone back to the world of segregation and Jim Crow laws? It’s ridiculous, but we shouldn’t expect so much from Glenn Beck.

And in response, he’s decided he is going to literally fight back by recruiting religious leaders to a group called the “Black Robe Regiment.” This army of pastors and religious leaders – estimated at 70,000 people around the world – are ready to take away the human rights of LGBTQ persons.

Beck went so far to say that between 10,000 and 17,000 of the Black Robe Regiment soldiers would be willing to die to end gay marriage. We probably shouldn’t be surprised at Beck’s vitriol, but we should be outraged enough to speak out and fight for the human rights of all LGBTQ persons around the world.

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