She Lines Her Crust With Pearls. When You See Why, You’ll Never Make Pies The Old Way Again

Pies are one of the most important holiday desserts, but they can take a long time to make. Some people spend hours making their pies look picture-perfect, but they rush through the recipe and are left with a pretty pie that doesn’t taste nearly as good as it looks. Luckily, there is a way that you can make your holiday pies look beautiful without exerting a lot of effort. Libbie Summers, a YouTube foodie who posts a ton of creative food recipes online, posted a video that is full of creative ways to crimp your holiday pies.

In her video, called “20 Creative Pie Crimps in 120 Seconds,” Libbie Summers includes examples for almost any kind of pie you could imagine. The first crimping style is called “Stars Collide.” To create this, Summers cuts stars out of the top portion of her crust with a cookie cutter. Then, she puts the crust over the pie filling, so that the star shapes are visible on top.

The second style she shows is called “Sailor’s Rope.” To create this style, she pinches the edge of the crust the whole way around so that it resembles a rope. The third style is called “Pearl,” and to create this, she uses a pearl necklace and makes an impression of it all around the outer edge of the pie. The next style is called “Braided.” To do this, she takes strips of pie crust dough and braids them, and then places the braid on the edge of the pie.

The fifth style, which she calls “Measuring Spoon,” is created by using a round measuring spoon and pressing it on the outer edge of the pie to create a unique design. The next style, called “Criss Cross,” is created using a fork and making a crisscross pattern along the pie’s crust. The seventh crimping style is called “Flower Petal.” Summer creates this by making a traditional pie crust style and then pressing a fork along the edge to create a flower design. Style number eight is called “Forked,” and it is created by pressing fork along the entire outer edge of the pie.

The ninth style Summer shows is called “Thumbs Up.” She creates it by pressing her thumbs along the edge of the pie’s crust. The tenth style is called “Caesar’s Crown,” and Summer makes this by cutting slits along the outer edge of the pie crust, and then spreading them apart to create a crown-like look. Style number 11 is called “Cork Screw.” This is created by using a cork screw and pressing it along the pie’s crust.

The 12th style is called “Einstein.” It is made by cutting slits in the pie’s crust and then sticking them up and creating a messy hair look. The next style is called “Circle of Hearts.” Summer makes it by cutting out heart shapes and then arranging them along the outer edge of the crust. The 14th technique is called “The Classic.” To do this, Summer pokes the crust with her finger and then pinches it to make a classic pie crust look. Number 15 is called “The Checkerboard,” and it is created by cutting thick slits in the pie crust and then alternating their directions. Style 16, called “Tong,” is made by using a tong and pressing it along the outer edge of the crust. The 17th technique is called “Rainbow.” To create this, Summer uses a spoon to make a rainbow design along the pie’s crust.

The next technique is called “Scallop.” It is created by using a knuckle and pinching the pie crust to give the crust a scalloped appearance. The 19th style is called “Falling Leaves,” and Summer creates it by cutting out a bunch of leaf shapes and placing them over the pie filling to make a custom crust. The final style is called “Lattice.” Summer creates it by taking strips of dough and arranging them in a lattice pattern over the pie filling. Each style is incredibly easy and will make your pies look beautiful without requiring much effort on your part.

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