VIDEO: Bernie Sanders Is Brought To Tears By What The Pope Did. This Man Needs To Win POTUS!

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is expressing serious solidarity with Pope Francis over the pontiff’s recent visit to the United States. The Vatican City’s leader has been espousing a philosophy that favors the poor, which is something that Vermont’s exceedingly popular Independent senator can support! In a time where conservatives are lambasting a Christian icon, Sanders has become an unlikely ally of the pope. Let’s look at the touching situation, which actually brought Bernie to tears!

Pope Francis and Bernie Sanders are Campaigning for the Same Issues

Economic inequalities have been at the forefront of Pope Francis’s reign since day one; in fact, his name references the saint who is symbolically synonymous with service to the underprivileged. Coincidentally, Bernie Sanders is a self-proclaimed socialist who stands for the people instead of corporate interests. While many critics have called Sanders too left-wing to face a general election, the pope’s stance is actually making the Democratic front-runner appear far more moderate. Bernie Sanders has never referred to capitalism as “the dung of the devil,” but Pope Francis has firmly stated this belief. If only he were an American citizen; then, we could have a Sanders/Francis ’16 ticket!

Christians Leaders Attack the Pope While a Jewish Leader Supports Him

Many political pundits believe we are living in a bizarro universe right now. This is because the party of religious traditionalists is turning on their own holy congregation. Most onlookers never imagined a day in which the GOP would openly rebel against the Catholic Church, but these events are unfolding right before our eyes. They have labeled Pope Francis as a “communist pontiff,” and they have even questioned his legitimacy to undermine his platform. Amazingly, the pope is polling higher with liberal atheists than religious officials on his own side of the aisle. And then, there’s Bernie; although he is not even affiliated with the church, his platform has somehow synchronized with the Vatican’s official initiatives. Perhaps we can anticipate a papal endorsement in the near future, but only time will tell! If Francis did step in for Senator Sanders though, his competition would surely “Feel the Bern!”

The Speech That Struck Bernie Sanders

Let’s look at some of the highlights from Sanders’ response to the speech given in front of Congress by Pope Francis. For example, he strongly stated, “I know people think Bernie Sanders is a radical. Read what the pope is writing about. He is not only talking about poverty and income and wealth inequality; he is getting to the heart of hyper-Capitalism.”

He also couldn’t stop grinning as he said, “I was very moved. I think we just observed, in person, not just a leader of the Catholic Church, but one of the important religious and moral leaders, not only of our time, but of recent history.”

The hero worship continued with statements like, “That is a pretty profound critique of modern society” and “I think he’s been playing just an extraordinary role in this Earth.” Despite being unable to control his toothy smiles, Sanders was visibly touched. Tears clearly dripped down his face as he commended Francis!

Where Pope Francis and Bernie Sanders Respectfully Disagree

Ultimately, the two inspirational leaders may line up on economic and environmental issues, but their social policies widely differ. Sanders specifically mentioned that he does not agree with the pope’s traditional stances on abortion and gay marriage. Still, the ability to politely show opposing viewpoints is incredibly refreshing in today’s overly partisan environment. Together, these men are setting an example for all of humankind to follow!

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