Sick Of Kids Being Picky Food Eaters, Mom Creates Hysterical Parody Song

Most parents have had to deal with the frustration that comes along with having a child that is a very picky eater. Parents feel distraught when they have spent hours of their time preparing a meal, and then their child refuses to eat it. Two mothers who were very frustrated with their children being picky eaters decided to make a song about it.

They made up a parody to Magic’s song “Rude”. The video has gone viral. It has received over 97,000 views on YouTube and 467,000 views on Facebook. Mayo Clinic has offered some tips that will help parents cope with a picky eater. They advise against bribing or forcing a child to eat because that can cause anxiety at meal time.

They recommend giving children small portions of food at a time and then asking them if they want more. Mayo Clinic recommends restricting beverage consumption between meals. Children should only drink water in between meals.

Sodas, juices and milk can reduce children’s appetite. Parents also need to be very patient with their children when they are introducing new foods. It is a good idea to serve new foods along with another meal. Additionally, if parents make mealtime fun, then their children will look forward to it more. For example, you may want to serve breakfast for dinner.

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