VIDEO: Very Rarely Am I Impressed With A Performance. But This Left Me Speechless And Wanting More

Most people wouldn’t step on someone’s chest for some random reason. When the audience saw this woman step on a man’s chest, they were speechless, but they were soon drawn to his hands.

This event seemed like something that might have been seen in the privacy of a home instead of in the open for other people to view. This is a dance that is very sensual, and it shows just how much passion can be shared between two people.

While viewing the dance, you can see the art of romance as well as the energy involved in this style of dancing. One of the people involved in the dance is a gymnast and has been in the Olympics. The two people seem to be as one person while they are on the stage.

The movements are fluid, and they make it look like it takes no effort at all. The stage is filled with smoke and lights to make it sultry and enticing. There are plenty of kisses in the beginning and they soon begin a routine of exploring each other in a way that is sensual yet acrobatic. She is balanced on his legs at some points as well as on his hands while he caresses her back.

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