VIDEO: This Can Likely Save Your Child’s Life. You Can’t Afford To Ignore THIS Story

This article, as well as video, depicts how toddlers and small children begin to grow curious about the world around them and sometimes will climb on things. They climb on chairs and other kinds of furniture, as lots of parents know. But even the most well-prepared and baby-proofed homes can still have gaps that no one ever thought of.

Case in point, the dresser with a TV sitting on it. The video shows how a toddler attempting to climb the dresser to either turn the TV on or grab something from a high distance can overturn the dresser, and TV, on top of them. In most cases, this accident ends in tragedy.

The video is a tutorial that is potentially life-saving and shows not only how it looks when children climb on heavy objects, using a doll to represent the kids. It also gives a demonstration on ways to anchor those types of furniture to the wall as a way to prevent such tragic events from happening.

This works by securing the dresser to the wall with a strong wire so when the toddler jumps on, it will not fall over. The article continues to explain that it may seem like common sense child-proofing, but there are always incidents like this that happen every year. Even the most well-thought child-proofing can overlook a few crucial areas.

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