VIDEO: This Is Easily Sarah Palin’s Most Incoherent Video I’ve Ever Seen

Sarahuh? Always the faithful conservative, Sarah Palin took to the media once again to make a very public statement. Unfortunately, most people were unable to interpret exactly what the statement actually stated.

National religious icon Billy Graham recently celebrated his 96th birthday and was surrounded by family, friends, and well wishers. The elaborate party and subsequent private celebrations were streamed live on multiple television, radio, and internet outlets. Snippets were also recorded for distribution through compact disc, podcast, and other downloadable media selections.

Among the celebrities who uploaded video messages to Reverend Graham was none other than Sarah Palin.

In a rather unintelligible speech that often veered off topic, Palin spoke about almost everything but milestone birthdays. She did mention changes that the country and the world have witness over the past few decades, but did not credit Billy Graham for any of the positive effects. She also took some time to pat herself on the back and call out the names of some of her famous friends.

Palin, almost as an afterthought, explained that the persuasive words from Graham helped her become a practicing Christian. She then went back to talking about herself, her mother, and her accomplishments before hastily wishing her supposed mentor a happy birthday. Perhaps the rugged Alaska wilderness is responsible for the endless endurance of her ego, but most of the world is done trying to understand what Sarah Palin means when she opens her mouth.

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