169 Congressmen and Women Demand Trump Immediatly Dismiss Steve Bannon

With the nation still reeling in response to what happened on Election Day, former reality star Donald Trump has not set his critics’ minds at ease with some of his proposed hires.

In fact, it seems that his affinity for the “alt right” movement may have even picked up steam and become worse in the days since November 8. One of his most problematic proposed posts right now is none other than Steven Bannon, a Breitbart alumnus who is being considered for Trump’s chief strategist.

A stunning 169 members of Congress have now signed a letter opposing Bannon’s appointment—and they are not the only ones who are outraged. On November 16, a protest was held in downtown Los Angeles to shed light upon Bannon’s sordid history during his time working at Breitbart. Protestors held signs urging the White House to “Ban Bannon”, among other pleas. It’s not at all surprising that so many people find Bannon objectionable, as well as Breitbart itself. Not only did the organization publish an article describing someone as a renegade Jew, but it also praised the Confederate flag extensively.

As far as Bannon goes, the instances pointing to racist and anti-Semitic remarks do not seem to be going anywhere. In fact, if anything, it seems that more and more information is emerging to prove this unfortunate reality. Not only does Bannon belong to a Facebook group that referred to President Barack Obama by a host of racist epitaphs, but his former wife also has stated that he has made similar remarks about Jewish people. In a country that seems to have become increasingly divided within the past few months, it’s no wonder that so many view Bannon as a dangerous threat whose appointment must be stopped at all costs.

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