A Quick Update For Trump Voters

A Quick Update For Trump Voters

Globalists can now collectively sigh in relief with the confirmation that President Trump is indeed one of them. Those who voted for Trump in the hopes that he could propel real change are left feeling disoriented and confused as the Commander-in-Chief continues to break promise after promise. Some people voted for Donald Trump as a type of political Molotov cocktail hoping to somehow shake up the current system, but this is not the pace of change they expected to see. Some of Trump’s major policy reversals include Trump’s stance on globalism, draining the swamp, fighting fake news and repealing Obamacare.

Fight the Globalists

One of Trump’s main support bases, the alt-right, championed Donald Trump as a fierce fighter of the evil globalist agenda. His strong stance against intervention in Syria and agreement with the Russian narrative of American aggression deceived hundreds into believing that Trump really would reverse America’s role as global policemen. Those in the ‘never Hillary’ camp were sure that Clinton’s aggressive goals to overthrow President Assad of Syria would kickstart WW3. They were desperate for anyone that was opposed to such action. Shockingly, President Trump has completely disavowed his prior stances. On April 6, the president launched 59 Tomahawk missiles at the Syrian Shayrat airbase that is currently under Assad’s control. He has since labeled Assad as an ‘animal’ and sharply denounced Russia for supporting the ‘wrong guy doing the wrong thing’.

Some of the most adamant anti-globalists, like Alex Jones and Nigel Farage, full-heartedly threw their support into this candidate based on his nationalistic America first approach. People were duped into believing Trump was nationalistic because of his outrageous campaign platforms. He promised to curb illegal immigration by forcing Mexico to subsidize building a giant border wall, but his promises are quickly falling flat. The current Homeland Security secretary, John F. Kelly, stated that it is “highly unlikely” that a full border wall will ever be built. Additionally, president Trump is requesting an initial $1.4 billion from tax-payer’s pockets to begin construction.

Drain the Swamp

Prior to his election, the Donald repeatedly accused Washington insiders as serving donors and special interests rather than the American people. He vowed to drain the swamp in Washington. Once elected, however, this was just another promise Trump reneged on. His cabinet alone owns more wealth than one third of the American people. The majority of all newly passed legislation benefits big businesses, special interests and large donors.

Fight Fake News

Those on the Trump train were thrilled to hear him call out CNN, or the Clinton News Network as he called it, for its obviously biased reporting. Instead, he praised independent journalists and fringe news stations like Breitbart News, InfoWars.com and Matt Drudge. He made it clear that these independent stations are not the ‘fake news’ but rather the state-sponsored media stories are the ones that should be on trial for false reporting. In an unbelievable turn of events, the Trump administration has successfully passed one of the most disturbing bills for internet privacy rights advocates. The bill effectively enables unconstitutional mass surveillance by allowing internet service providers to sell their user’s personal data without consent. This could be the kill switch for real independent journalism.

Repeal Obamacare

Trump campaigned on the broken and failed promises of Obamacare. He promised to immediately repeal the act and replace it with the “World’s Greatest Healthcare Bill”. He was unsuccessful in getting a replacement passed and is now threatening to cut off federal subsidies that help pay Obamacare premiums. He wants to negotiate a deal and is willing to hit the detonator on Obamacare, yet he does not have any alternative to replace it with. He is still struggling to gain any momentum in this area.

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