Trump SuperPAC Caught Paying Illegally Giuliani Half A Million

Trump SuperPAC Caught Paying Illegally Giuliani Half A Million

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani was once revered for how he led the way to restoration after the 9-11 terror attacks shattered the Big Apple. Lately, though, he’s been singing a different tune, and it hasn’t been music to many ears.

He has amped up the angry rhetoric in an effort to scare citizens into voting for fellow New Yorker Donald Trump. His blistering tirades have frequently made the evening news.

It seems that Giuliani may be doing this for more reasons than just his conscience. The recent discovery of a donation of more than half a million dollars to Giuliani from a Donald Trump SuperPAC raises troubling questions about the integrity of both Giuliani and Trump.

There are rules in place to prevent this kind of monetary exchange from taking place and creating a conflict of interest, but for a candidate who is so quick to condemn Hillary Clinton as corrupt, Trump always appears to be eager to take advantage of every loophole he can.

It’s unclear, then, whether anything illegal has been done. It’s even more uncertain whether charges could be filed even if there was wrongdoing. However, it seems clear that this wades into some ethically murky territory. If Trump is going to present himself as the candidate with the moral high ground, he would do well to stop participating in such shady practices himself.

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