Helicopter Spots Children Forming Huge Human Arrow. What It Leads To? Unbelievable

A group of children in London was spending their afternoon looking for Easter eggs. However, their afternoon turned out to be a lot more thrilling than they expected. They ended up being involved in a dramatic police chase. The kids saw two men run across the field. They formed an arrow, which lead the police to the suspect. The officers then arrested the suspects.

Paul Sochon works for the National Police Air Service. He stated that the scene resembled an Enid Blyton adventure. He said that the residents in the area were not expecting such a thrilling afternoon. He also stated that he feels honored that people would stop their Easter egg hunt and help with the police chase. Additionally, Paul stated the help that the children gave was invaluable.

The children have been recognized for their efforts. The story has been featured on local news stations in London. Furthermore, the story has been shared on social media and has gone viral.

The men were ages 27 and 28. They were arrested for a burglary. They were sent to jail, but they have been released. They are set to appear in court on May 13, 2016. Police officers are still investigating the burglary.

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