If You Thought It Could Not Get Worse. Trump’s Campaign Just Got More Racist By Doing This:

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump and his spokespeople have been earning a reputation for bigotry and racism. As investigative journalists delve deeper into past comments by Trump staffers, the list of questionable remarks made my Trump and his staff only continues to grow. Katrina Pierson, the spokeswoman who previously made headlines for wearing a necklace made of bullets, was recently questioned about tweets from 2012 and 2013 in which she referred to Obama as a “head Negro.” In her Twitter feed, Pierson also criticized both Obama and Romney for having parents born outside the United States.

Yesterday on CNN, Pierson attempted to explain her tweets as follows: “These tweets — I’m an activist and I am a half-breed. I’m always getting called a half-breed. And on Twitter when you’re fighting with liberals and even establishment, you go back at them in the same silliness they are giving you.

So, I myself am a half-breed. We have entered silly season. Donald Trump is up in the polls. There’s desperate campaigns out there, they can’t take him down so they try to take down the people that are around him. And we’re just not going to get distracted by all that nonsense.”

Pierson seems to be explaining her remarks by saying she simply stooped to the level of her detractors, both liberals and conservatives. With Trump ahead in many polls, she should get used to her remarks being dredged up and questioned. That said, Pierson probably does not need to worry about losing her job. She seems to fit in quite well with the Trump campaign, since Trump often faces criticism for his own provocative comments.

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