You Won’t Believe This New Law That Let’s Cops Enter Homes To Kill Pit Bulls For *Fun*

You Won’t Believe This New Law That Let’s Cops Enter Homes To Kill Pit Bulls For *Fun*

Pit bull dog-breeds are the most misunderstood breed of dogs out there. Many label them as being aggressive and violent dogs. In actuality, a well cared-for pit bull is very friendly to both children and adults. Unfortunately, some have mistreated these dogs and caused them to be violent, giving them the bad name.

Those who have pit bulls are likely to pay more for home or renter’s insurance. Surprisingly, over 700 cities, including Denver, have banned the breed altogether. Even this doesn’t compare to the ridiculous bill that Mississippi is planning to pass.

The House Bill 1261 would give law enforcement permission to enter a person’s house without a warrant if the home owner has a “potentially” dangerous dog. Worse yet, the bill would allow a police officer to kill the dog if it’s not properly restrained. Not only does this bill support animal abuse, but it also gives law enforcement another excuse to search a house without a warrant. This ridiculous bill must be stopped at all costs.

Unfortunately, police have proved their brutality through many incidents of both animal and human abuse. Similar to hundreds of other laws, this bill violates the Bill of Rights on many different levels. One must ask the million dollar question: If Mississippi law makers have such a bad outlook about pit bulls, then why don’t they simply ban the breed instead of giving police the right to kill them?

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