Women Decides Against Abortion After Seeing Ultrasound Of Her Baby. Click Here To Find Out Why

A 20-year-old woman, who is in favor of abortion, reconsidered her decision to abort her baby after a visit to the abortion clinic. As the young woman was sitting in the waiting room, an abortion counselor told her that she should not have the baby since she was so young. Upon hearing this, the woman became angry because she did not feel that a woman’s age should determine whether or not she could be a good mother.

As the woman walked into a room to prepare for her abortion, she was still thinking about the counselor’s comment and began having second thoughts about her decision. While putting on her robe, the woman began to think about the future. She imagined herself having a second child at some point in her life, and she began to wonder how she would have to explain to her second child about the sibling that he/she could have had if she had not aborted it.

Once the woman saw an ultrasound, she was convinced that the baby actually did exist. Thus, she reconsidered having the abortion and told her boyfriend that she could not go through with it.

Although the young woman still believed in a woman’s right to choose, she also wanted to send a message to all women that they should weigh their options before finally deciding to go through with an abortion.

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