Woman Poured Cake Batter Into Her Rice Cooker?? Now Kids Are BEGGING Me To Make This!!

Turn a simple rice cooker into a versatile appliance with a simple chocolate cake recipe. The recipe uses six ingredients found in any cook’s pantry. Combine them using standard baking techniques and it will result in a chocolate cake fit for any occasion. Try this recipe with your children for a fun baking adventure!

Rice Cooker Chocolate Cake
50 grams all purpose flour
4 eggs
100 grams sugar
120 mL oil
150 grams chocolate
100 grams whipping cream

Melt chocolate and whipping cream in a double boiler over low heat on a burner. Set aside.
Separate eggs. Whip egg whites in mixing bowl with electric mixer. When egg whites begin to foam, slowly add sugar. Mix until stiff peaks form.
In separate mixing bowl, stir together melted chocolate, egg yolks, and cooking oil.
Gently whisk chocolate mixture into egg whites. Add sifted flour and mix until batter is smooth.
Grease inside of rice cooker with cooking oil. Pour batter into cooker. Bake for 12 minutes. Allow cake to cool until firm.
Turn cake out onto plate. After cake has cooled completely, sprinkle with sifted powdered sugar.

In under thirty minutes, a rice cooker serves up a decadent dessert.

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