With THIS Single Quote, Bill Maher DESTROYS Sarah Palin And It Burns So Bad…

Bill Maher is the most controversial political talk show host of all time. Before his extremely popular HBO television show,”Real Time,” Maher was a stand up comedian and actor. However, the thing that truly grew his popularity was his HBO show.

Over the years, notable guests such as Ben Affleck, Sam Harris, and Chris Rock have appeared on the program. “Real Time” has been around for over two decades now, and it doesn’t seem like it will be cancelled anytime soon. Even when Bill Maher makes outlandish statements, his ratings only go up. But, there are some instances when the comedian can go a bit too far.

Nonetheless, people eagerly tune in each week to hear what he’s going to say next. For those of you that pay attention to the show, last week’s episode featured several controversial statements. Bill Maher has a history of bashing Sarah Palin, and it actually seems like he enjoys doing it. The audience usually laughs along and encourages the comedian to dig deeper into the former vice presidential candidate.

However, Maher’s latest attack on Sarah Palin was somewhat cruel. Thousands of people have since shared the controversial moment on Facebook and Twitter. It all started when Sarah Palin blamed Barack Obama for her son’s recent arrest. Apparently, Palin gave a speech on domestic violence that puzzled most people. After she was done blaming Obama for her family problems, Palin then revealed that she wants Donald Trump to become the next president of the United States. Bill Maher called Palin insane and moronic.

He had a great time bashing her, and the crowd loved it as well. Unfortunately, right wing conservatives didn’t find Bill Maher’s comments too funny. In fact, many republicans have openly criticized and attacked the talk show host. Of course, that’s exactly what Bill Maher wants, and that’s why his ratings continue to grow every year.

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