While She Is In Foster Care, Mom Is In Jail – 20 Years Later, The Judge Drops This BOMBSHELL

Twenty-one-year-old Melissa Irons has gone through so much in her young life. Already a United States Marine, Melissa spent most of her youth in and out of the foster care system because her mother was in jail. Melissa also has two younger brothers, Christian and JJ, that she never got to grow up with because of her mother’s irresponsibility.

The siblings had always been split into separate foster homes. Recently, the siblings’s mother had tested positive for using meth- which means that she would lose custody of Melissa’s two younger brothers. Melissa knew that meant the boys would be placed back into the foster care system, unless there was something that she could do about it.

Melissa decided that she needed to try to do what she thought would be nearly impossible- get legal custody of her brothers. She took the trip from where she was stationed to where her brothers were in Alabama to see a judge about taking her brothers back home with her. To Melissa’s surprise, and relief, the judge granted her custody of her two younger brothers. But an even bigger surprise awaited the reunited family.

Prank It FWD decided to surprise them with a new car to make the trip home in, paid for the gas home, paid for their food on the trip, and covered a month’s rent. In addition, Prank It FWD also posted a video of Melissa telling her brothers that they are coming home with her. For every 1,000 views that the video receives, they will donate $1 to DoSomething.org.

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