When Kids Wouldn’t Stop Using Their Cell Phones, She Did Something We All Want To Do. YES!

When children won’t stop texting, there are things that parents can do to make them see that they mean business. These parents showed their kids that they didn’t want to see any more phones at the dinner table or anywhere else in the house because they felt that their kids were texting entirely too much.

A company based in Australia developed a sauce to put on pasta called the Pepper Hacker. This is something that parents can use when they want to control the phones that their children have, and the kids probably won’t pick up on what’s going on until after the dinner hour.

As pepper is cracked, there is a device that will shut down various electronics, such as phones and televisions. When parents don’t want their children on electronics, all they have to do is crack the pepper shaker. This is a way for parents to gain control and for the family to get back together at the dinner table or for some time to talk about the day.

There is a commercial that has been released about the pepper cracker, and while it was designed to bring a few laughs, it does have a point for families who might not spend a lot of time with each other.

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