What Happens When These Two Unlikely Friends Meet For The First Time? I Can’t Stop Smiling

In an article entitled “Chihuahua Puppy Thinks She’s a Baby Goat” posted on the website LittleThings.com, Amber James discusses the most recent new resident of a farm: Lola, an endearing 8-week old Chihuahua. The owners of Sunflower Farm captured the introduction of the new puppy to two young goat kids born around the same date. The happy trio romp and play amidst lush green rural fields.

According to her owners, after she arrived at the farm, Lola failed to win attention from either of the dogs on the premises. Both their pug and their English Mastiff ignored the little pup. Fortunately, she quickly made friends with the two young goats: “Lady Bug” and “Princess Leia”.

The video re-posted on the website from YouTube shows the cautious introduction of the diminutive white long-haired puppy and the inquisitive goats. One of the kids possesses a tan-and-white coat, and the other carries tri-color markings (tan, white and dark brown). Both tower over the little Chihuahua.

Nevertheless, their differences do not keep the trio from having a good time. In the video, they run together across a grassy field. Lola’s tiny tail wags as she trails her companions around an enclosed area. The goats jump and cavort in the rustic setting, while the puppy chases after them. Despite her smaller size, Lola keeps pace with the prancing kids, although at some points she appears dwarfed by surrounding vegetation.

Her owners wrote that the little pup seemed determined to “fit in” with the goats.

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