Watergate Legend Says What Mainstream Media Won’t About Tonights New Trump-Russia Bombshell

Carl Bernstein, a reporter who helped uncover the Watergate scandal when Nixon was president, recently worked with Anderson Cooper to talk about some interesting news regarding President Trump. They discussed the fact that there is substantial evidence pointing toward the fact that there could be a conspiracy surrounding Trump’s campaign and the agents of the Russian Federation.

Bernstein stated that he feels there is a coverup going on somewhere and it has recently become more clear that what they are trying to conceal are the contacts in leaked emails from John Podesta’s account.

Many think that what’s even more strange is the fact that every time new information leaks out, White House officials plead ignorance. Bernstein even shamed the Republican Party for turning their backs on a potentially treasonous conspiracy between the president and agents of another foreign power.

Bernstein said that the difference between this and the Watergate scandal is that the Republican party wanted the situation investigated from top to bottom and that’s not something people seem to be concerned about this time.

In fact, the only Republicans to take a stand against the issue are Sen. John McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham. They’ve demanded an investigation into the president’s Russian ties.

Many believe that if this issue leads to Trump’s impeachment, the Republican party must go down with him because of the fact that they have been aiding and abetting traitors.

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